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8941 Fond de Veau Base NZ 1kg Item Code 8941
Fond de Veau Base NZ 1kg

This is made by stewing the selected bobby veal bones , and made all by hand.
It doesn't have strong flavor ,
so you can use it for stewing menus. Moreover, if you add veal bones , beef, and vegetables, you can make your own Fond de Veau .
8945 Fond de Veau DXNZ 1kg Item Code 8945
Fond de Veau DXNZ 1kg

This is very clear -type Fond de Veau focused on steps to "cut , grill , stew , and filter ″.
It has a deeper taste itself , and you can make sauce for casual french dishes without stewing it.
8955 Sauce Bechamel NZ 1kg Item Code 8955
Sauce Béchamel NZ 1kg

This is the flavorful and very rich Sauce Béchamel. First , the Roux is made with flour and plentiful butter with great care, and then the Roux is cooked with fresh milk from New Zealand . Finally, plenty of fresh cream is added . It's very simple taste , so you can arrange it for various menus.

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